Artwork by participating artist, Bradley Gay 


Art Donation & Placement Program

The Art Connection in the Capital Region (ACCR) enriches lives by expanding access to original works of visual art within underserved communities throughout the Greater Metropolitan Washington, DC area.

Our mission is primarily achieved through the facilitation of an innovative art donation and placement program that brings together artists and collectors willing to donate their artwork with qualifying nonprofit community service or public equivalent agencies that have no funding for art purchases. An example of the types of organizations with which ACCR partners serve their clients directly and include: homeless shelters, children's centers, mental health facilities, and low-income senior housing agencies, amongst several others.

In addition, ACCR organizes several exhibitions annually as a part of its Art + Community series. Artists are invited to submit artwork through a juried process where, upon selection, the work is featured in a professional gallery or public space. During the exhibition, qualified nonprofits are invited to choose artwork that they feel is appropriate for their agencies. ACCR guides the agencies throughout the selection and placement process, and the artwork is considered a permanent donation to the recipient agency. 

By bringing art to more members of our community, we are contributing to the creation of nurturing environments and providing individuals who might not otherwise have the opportunity, to experience the beauty, inspiration, and hope that art enables. In addition to enlivening the public spaces within an agency, donated artwork serves to integrate and engage community members and helps to foster positive associations between the agency providing vital social services and individuals accessing these services.


Participating artists are instrumental to our program, and contribute their work for many reasons. Perhaps they personally identify with an agency’s mission, or just feel the need to give back to the community. Maybe they are excited by the idea of their artwork being viewed by a large number of visitors and included in a permanent collection, or by the prospect that their work will have a profound and lasting effect on the lives of so many.


Sometimes, just one small painting or sculpture can make a difference. This simple concept has guided ACCR in its programming, and together with the contributions of our artists, has had a tremendous impact on the underserved communities we have been able to support.


View the list of our recipient agencies!                                                             Image: Guest viewing artwork by Eric Garner at CASA de Maryland

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