Progress Unlimited


Progress Unlimited is a private, nonprofit organization that offers 24-hour residential care for adults with developmental disabilities in Owings Mills, Maryland. The organization offers assistance to enhance skills related to problem solving, to build and maintain relationships, and offers supported housing, behavioral care and companionship programs.


Several months after the placement of the artwork, ACCR checked in with the agency’s Executive Director, Mary Gatto, to discuss how the clients and staff have responded to the artwork. She remarked, “The people we serve spend time moving through the hallways of our Medical Day Center, sometimes jetting through, other times meandering, at times stopping for a break. Before this incredible gift of artwork, our walls were bare. Imagine people’s surprise when bare walls were adorned with paintings and tapestries and collages!”



Mary commented that their physical therapy team uses the long corridors as a place to practice in the gait trainer, or to help a person transition from a wheelchair to a walker. “Now there is artwork to provide motivation or incentive….especially if there is a favorite piece at the end of the corridor!”

The clients served by Progress Unlimited have also made mention of the work and the daily inspiration it provides. DeSahwn says of his favorite piece “It makes me feel I’m on a private beach with the sun going down”. Rufus says that the tapestries “remind me of Africa”. Perhaps Jessica expresses it best, “When you just go past it you don’t think, but if you stop and look it makes you feel a certain way”.

Thank you Art Connection for helping us all to feel!

Artwork credit (top to bottom): Bonnie Bird Liebhold, Psychedelic and Green Abstract, Linda Niederman, Mardi Gras, Carolyn Jackson, Looking Up Little Quarry Spring, and Robin Jones, York Street Garden