Artwork by participating artist, Bradley Gay 
Receive / Donate Art

To Donate Art

Through a unique art donation and placement program, ACCR facilitates the donation of artwork between artists and collectors, and qualifying nonprofit agencies.

Artists need not reside within the Greater Metropolitan Washington DC area to participate, in fact, we have several artists from around the country and overseas represented. Please note that ACCR does not own works of art. Instead, we request that artists interested in donating artwork complete a simple Donor Form and provide digital images of available artwork. These images, along with pertinent information about all works available for donation, will be shared with partnering nonprofits.

Donations are made directly from the artist or collector to the nonprofit agency and become a permanent donation to the agency. ACCR draws up paperwork that transfers the ownership of the work between both parties. Arrangements for the shipment or delivery of the artwork are determined by both the artist/collector and the nonprofit. Artwork for donations can be either framed or unframed. Given the sensitivity of issues surrounding the missions of many of our partnering agencies, ACCR reserves the right to not include artwork that is deemed inappropriate.

In addition to our art donation and placement program, ACCR organizes an average of three exhibitions annually through our Art + Community series in partnership with local educational institutions and galleries within the region. The exhibitions are juried and artwork is selected through a call for entry which is posted on our website. This is a wonderful opportunity for artists to have their work displayed in a professional gallery, and for the nonprofits to attend the exhibition and select the work they would like for their agency in person. In addition, we host a reception during each exhibition to honor our artists and to bring attention to the recipient agencies. Stay tuned to learn about our next exhibition!



How to Become an Art Donor

If you, or someone you know, owns original works of art to donate, the process for becoming a donor is simple. Complete a donor agreement form and send it with images of artwork available for donation to ACCR at the address listed on the form. We prefer digital images, but slides and high-quality prints are also acceptable.


Appropriate Art Donations

ACCR accepts only original or limited edition works of art in all media including:







Site-specific works (murals, outdoor sculpture)


Limited edition works should be in a series of 100 works or less.


For more information on becoming an art donor, please contact ACCR at 202-536-2607 or email